With everyone in the world against you, you’ll never have a successful business lasting love wads of cash a non-receding hairline plausible deniability for being a complete cunt until you erect boundaries to keep toxic people out!

The Only Thing Standing Between You and
THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS is a Spiritual Fence!™

Are You Tired of Worrying that People Will Find Out Who & What You REALLY Are?

You need stronger, higher and thicker “boundaries.”

With Spiritual Fence™ Co.’s patented methods, you can erect boundaries of lies and pre-emptive finger-pointing so tall – SO BIG – that not even YOU can get over them. It’s delusions of grandeur, perfected and 10x’d.

Here‘s the SECRET: You don’t have to improve. Ever. Simply label all dissidents, people who know what you really are and family members who might give you the side-eye as TOXIC.

The minute that comes out of your mouth, you are forgiven and blameless.

Heck, with enough time and repetition, you might even start to believe that you’re RIGHT!


It’s really that simple.

Working on yourself is a lot of… work. Can’t be having that.

Cut through the hassle of self-improvement by turning everything around on the people who know the truth and would be so bold as to call you out.

Build a Spiritual Fence™ of self-acceptance*, blame and sleight of hand so that you come out smelling like a rose – and instantly vilify those pesky people who know what you did.

Everything you ever wanted is just one good blame away.

*Delusion on an almost criminal scale.

The tallest fence is the fence of undeserved self-admiration, built on the foundation of an unrelenting drive to blame everyone else for everything you can never do.


Your Spiritual Fence™ Starts with Our Patented 4 Corner Method®



You really need to let go of the idea that you could be wrong IN ANY WAY. This first module takes you from a self-loathing jackass to a perpetually correct, perfect and infallible god among men.



Now that you’ve established your correctness in all things great and small, it’s time to grab for sympathy by sharing your dick-to-woke journey. “You’ve overcome so much.”



You’re in love with yourself. Your audience sees you as harmless and aware. It’s time to take a stance against the people you know pose a threat. It’s profitable to act disgusted when you’re called out.



Here’s where it gets good. Call the people that can see through your hubris “toxic.” You’re now the eternal hero. You can wield this power to rake in the dough and keep the people who know at bay.



This brand-new module will lead you through the process of finding more and more things that you can feel holier-than-thou about. Why stop at being right in the eyes of your troglodytic fan base? Why not really go for the gusto and become an “influencer” by telling everyone about how high you’ve ascended, and how they’re still not doing it right.

Your Spiritual Fence™ Keeps People Out, Keeps People In and Hides Everything You Do.
No More Excuses, Because You’re Always Right.

Is This Priceless* Opportunity for YOU?

You don’t want to admit what a waste of skin you are.

You’ve got something to hide.

You feel like people are out to get you.

You’re in the online space and out of your league.

You’re ready to move into a new career because you sucked at the last one so bad, people are figuring you out and you’re doing damage control.

You have $1999.



Nothing, really.

We’ll send you a PDF certificate and you can tell everyone you’re healed.

We’ve already given you all you need to know. It’s not that damned hard.

This course entitles you to a lifetime of completely ignoring the truth about how much of a pantload you really are, lie to yourself how much “work” you’ve done on yourself – and a drive to make sure everyone else is the problem. Not you. Never you.

Don’t you feel better now? Pay up.

Need a payment plan? Good luck. I know your type.
You’ll screw me over in a month after you’ve taken all my shit – then blame me for being toxic, just like I taught you.
Pay up and pay in full. If you don’t… you’re TOXIC. No excuses.

Spiritual Fence™ is PERFECT for…

Grifters. Spiritualists. Mentalists. High-School Brained Jackholes with Tiny Penii and Something to Prove. Short People. Life Coaches. Graphic Designers. Marketers. MLMers. Branding Experts and Other Talentless Boobs.


But in the meantime…

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You scrolled all the way down here and still didn’t act?

I guess you really aren’t ready to blame everyone for your inadequacies. I really expected you to be more supportive of my journey.

You haven’t done the same inner work that I have, and I get that – but I’m going to have to remove you from my world now. I don’t have time for toxic people, people who don’t support the best version of me, and people who don’t forgive me for things that they think I do to them. Gaslighters, too. I’m not entirely sure – but this really feels like you’re gaslighting me, and I really don’t appreciate that. I’ve come too far to put up with this.

You’re toxic. Goodbye.